This is my second Tumblr page and it is specifically used for all things anime and manga. I try to only post things from anime I have seen. A lot of my posts have to do with Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler) just FYI. Also, I like Yaoi and Shounen Ai type stuff so that will be on here as well...although I usually don't post explicit things. **Unless I specify otherwise, I take no credit for any of the things I post on here. I try to give credit to the original publisher of a post if I can, but if I find a picture on say, Pinterest and I want to share it but a link to wherever it was originally posted is not provided, then I am not going to spend hours trying to figure out who originally posted it.**

My main page/tumblr is here:  

30 September 2014
29 September 2014
To let my heart be moved, to laugh from the bottom of my heart, to find meaning in everyday life... I wanted to be given permission.
M: “I want to show even more kids just how fun it is to swim.”
H: “You’ll definitely make it happen.”
28 September 2014
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